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Home > Articles & Reviews > Tokyo Marui AK-47 Beta Spetsnaz Review
Tokyo Marui AK-47 Beta Spetsnaz Review
TYPE AK-47 Spetsnaz
Manufacturer Tokyo Marui
Battery Type 8.4V Large Type
Motor EG700
Fire Modes Semi & Full Auto
Muzzle Velocity 275 fps
Rounds per min. 750-850
Accurate Range 60-80ft
Length (barrel) 711mm (230mm)
Weight 2750g (with battery)
Mag. Capacity 70 (std.), 150, 250 or 600

Allow me to start by sharing that the Tokyo Marui AK-47 Beta Spetsnaz is my first AEG and that this is also the first article I've written. I won't get into any technical details but I will let you know first hand what my first impressions were as the proud owner of this great looking replica, and once I get my battery from Hong Kong I will submit information about field testing, accuracy and such.

With that said, I'd like to continue by saying that in my humble opinion, the Spetsnaz is one of the prettiest airsoft replicas. For a long time I had been searching for my first Automatic Electric Gun and it wasn't until about 4 to 5 months that I finally decided to go for the AK-47 Beta Spetsnaz model.

Why go Russian?
I've always liked the AK rifle series and all of their variations. Call it Hollywood, propaganda, or the little OPFOR in me... I just think they're cool. I favor close quarters battle scenarios and AK rifles are maybe too long for that. After a lot of searching on the web I found out that the Tokyo Marui AK line is one of the best and more reliable in the airsoft market and so I ordered the short AK rifle variation (the Spetsnaz) knowing that it would best fit my favorite style of playing (CQB).

First Impressions
My first impression was…well... how can I explain it... I can't find the right words for the feeling! My gun was delivered to a friend's house a few hours from where I live and so I was left waiting for two weeks until I could finally head out, pick it up, and hold my new baby in my arms. He sent me some pictures but since it's the same gun, I'd rather post the ones from Marui at least until I take it out for testing and I get a chance to shoot my own photos.

When I saw the box I said "Wow! This is huge!". Then I pulled out the gun. It felt heavy and sturdy. I played a bit selecting the available fire modes and I noticed the plastic frame. I proceeded to cock the gun as I had seen in an AK DVD that I own and I became ecstatic. The upper receiver is metal and it sounds like the real thing.

Design-wise, the Spetsnaz has been very pleasing to my eye since I got it and the more I see it, the more I like it. It is also very sturdy and as compact as a submachine gun can get. It was easy to wave around and do Matrix style moves and it feels just like an extension to your arm.

Box & Contents
The box outside shows a picture of the replica, branding, etc. Inside comes with everything you need standard. A cleaning rod, AK series and AK-47 Beta users manual, a Tokyo Marui catalog, a sight adjustment tool, 200 rounds of .25gr BBs, a standard metal magazine, and of course the AEG.

The short standard magazine holds 70 rounds. I personally liked the very compact magazine as it guarantees a perfect fit in pretty much every imaginable vest pouch or even pockets if you're "vest challenged". Furthermore I'm not a big fan of hi-cap magazines since what I like the most in airsoft is the feeling of realism. However, if you're like Rambo, you'll be happy to know that you can use longer hi-cap magazines as well. Another nice thing about this gun is that despite its compact size, you can fit in a large type battery, which will not only give you extended play, but are easier to install and will keep the weight on the stock as opposed to the front in most replicas with mini type batteries. Front weight tires you faster and makes it harder to aim.

After a few days waving the gun around I noticed the rear sight started to get a little loose and needed some adjustments. These AK sights are a little difficult to get used to, but that's not a problem of Tokyo Marui, but of the AK design itself, so it would be unfair to make that an issue. I will get a red dot sight in a few months to help me with that.

More to come later...
As I mentioned before, I'm waiting to make a big order from HK and the batteries will be in there. Once received, I will update this review with field testing results. When it's ready, it'll be mentioned by the administrator on the homepage. See you then!

This review was brought to you by Andreas Foteas.

January 15, 2006. Athens, Greece.
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