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Home > Articles & Reviews > Sansei SG5 Metal Mesh Mask
Sansei SG5 Metal Mesh Mask Review

Is it better than clear goggles?
That depends entirely on you. For starters, plastic goggles cost at least twice as much as this full face mask does... and I don't know about you, but I really REALLY don't want to come back home with 3 holes in my cheek... my wife would sue me for breach of contract. HOWEVER, as with any other face mask, it gets pretty hot in there in summer days, so for those of you who are ugly enough not to care, you'll be happy to know that you can easily remove the face protection and keep the goggles by themselves.

The metal mesh goggles make it IMPOSSIBLE for a plastic BB to EVER even think of going through even at point blank. Also, it won't fog either, so those are big advantages over standard goggles. The only disadvantage is that you can't properly play in the dark, so you may feel tempted to lift the mask up after you enter a dark room... please follow my wise advise... DONT!!!

If you have no other choice but to enter a dark room, please do the following:

  • Peep in and out quickly to check if the room is safe.
  • If safe, enter and walk by the nearest wall to the safest corner and wait.
  • After a few seconds, your eyes will naturally adjust to the low light.

So, how how exactly is the view from one of these things?
Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so this might just be the longest review I'll ever write in my life.

View from inside the metal mesh goggles

Although the mask comes already assembled (at least mine did), it comes with assembly instructions, safety tips, and foam pads, which you'll need to install yourself. These pads are useful to prevent the mask from sticking to your skin and also suck sweat pretty good. You get a roll of foam padding and a square pad that's about 8cm squared for which you'll need scissors to cut diagonally. Glue is not needed as the pads stick themselves. I didn't have to use the roll of padding, just the big square pad was enough for me as shown below. I suppose the roll is just for those with really fat faces (hehehe).

Contents of the packaging Foam padding installation

A piece of advise, do not try to strech the elastic cord around a helmet... you will end up ripping the plastic lock off the goggle's rubber and you would have to buy a goggle replacement piece for about 14 euros. If you wear a helmet, put the mask on, THEN the helmet, not the other way around.

Alternative? (UPDATED January 10, 2006)
Yep, you also have an alternative. They do sell some clear pastic goggles labeled as "no fog goggles" which I purchased after a while for "night games"... my advise... don't get them. They were terrible, scratched easily and fogged completely within 10 seconds no matter what I did. I spent more time wiping them off from the inside than playing. It was cold too and that doesn't help fogging at all. There's nothing better than standard protection glasses for greater fog-free visibility.

The half-life type looks are great and I'm happy with my purchase. You can't get a better full face mask out there that offers a similar price/value ratio.

This review was brought to you by this website's administrator, Alex Alvarez (aka TripleA).

July 7, 2005. Athens, Greece.
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