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  PASGT Helmet Review  
PASGT Helmet Review

Probably the first accessory I really 'really' wanted when I started airsofting was the PASGT helmet... similar variations are named KEVLAR, SWAT, M88, and "Fritz" and are pretty much all the same.

This versatile helmet allows to install standard camo covers which would turn it into a helmet for any kind of modern scenario... if you're reenacting WWII, you could also wear it when you play German without feeling out of place.


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First Impressions

There are many variations and brands of this type of helmet and they all go for about 40 euros. There is a STAR helmet that goes for 25 euros but I've heard that they come with no lining inside, and thus, they wobble around your head as you walk or run. Unfortunately, I don't know the brand of the helmet featured on this article since it didn't show anywhere, but I can tell you that I bought it at Campobase (item# AC-0744). They also have it in olive drab for those who want a more military look.

The helmet price is right. There are many out there, but I doubt any would compare to this one in quality. Here in Athens I've seen beat up used military helmets anywhere from 50 to 120 euros... absolutely ridiculous.

It is so well built that I was impressed when I held it. It's built with hard ABS plastic and it's masterfully crafted in and out. Thought this is a REPLICA, meaning NON-BALLISTIC, it is so strong and so well padded that it feels like a biker's helmet. You really don't want to get a real helmet for airsoft purposes... they are heavy and you will have a killer neckpain the following morning. We play for fun, leave the discomfort to the real soldiers... take it easy on yourself and get one of these light non-ballistic models.

The strap clips are strong and the chin supporter is made of some kind of rubber that sticks to your skin. Remember that roll of foam I had leftover from the Sansei SG5 Mask? Well, it came in handy since I used a piece on the inside to prevent it from sticking to the chin, which can become bothersome after you sweat for a while.

If I could describe the inside look and feel of the helmet with only one word, I would say "BMW". 'nuf said.


There's one weakness, though... the inside padding is glued to the helmet itself, so you cannot pull it out to wash it, and believe me, you will NEED to wash it. Your forehead will start sweating crazy after a few minutes, and that's if you're just standing around.

My proposed remedy? Wear a bandana. That will prevent the helmet's padding from excesive sweating and will last longer without needing a wash.

Approximately 550 grams. But it's so comfortable that when you wear it, after a minute you forget you even have it on.

As long as you get the right size for your head (as I did), this helmet will fit you like a balaclava. It will stay put no matter how much you jump, run or turn, it will not dance about. The padding all around it is very good that it would safely protect you if you fall and hit a rock with your head. Like I said before, it's so good it feels like a bikers helmet.


Despite it's "only" weakness, which is only a minor one, I strongly recommend this particular helmet. When you buy it, you'll be glad you did.


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July 19, 2005. Athens, Greece.


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