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Home > Articles & Reviews > Mil-Tec Universal Tactical Holster Review
Mil-Tec Universal Tactical Holster Review

If one thing is true about Airsoft is that you can't accessorize enough! Every AEG owner needs to have an extra something... if you're guessing "magazine" you're wrong... it's that something snipers can't live without... you think you got it this time with "binoculars"? Wrong again... it's the good old SIDEARM!

Whether a springer or a gas gun, you've got to have a sidearm. Pistol only CQB games are often the most enjoyable and adrenaline boosters. But you can't just walk around between games with a pistol in your hand... it's not only unsafe but tacky! You need a holster.

You may be asking.... "But which one? Pistols have all kinds of sizes and I may not even use the same pistol all the time."

That's where the Mil-Tec Universal Tactical Holster comes in handy. It can fit virtually any type of pistol and I bet it could even fit an Uzi. It can also fit any type of pistol magazine.

Security Clip
The holster's security clip is very versatile and gives you several options for all types of occasions. You have the quick release clip for fast drawing, the double secured setting for when you fear someone else might pull your gun, and the option to move the lock higher for longer weapons. All these options are shown below.

...AND you may repeat all the steps above by securing the second Velcro higher up for a longer weapon.

I'm an airsoft hobbyist and web developer, not a fashion designer, so I can't tell you the name of the fabric used since I have no idea. But one thing I can tell you, and it's that this thing will never rip. It's strong and all stitches are top quality.

Contents of the packaging Foam padding installation

The holster feels great and it's definitely a cool accessory to have if you own a pistol (and who doesn't?). It works best if you have a military belt over your shirt since the higher up the holster is, the tighter it fits around your RIGHT leg. That's right (pun intended), lefties are out of luck, but it servers you right for shooting with the wrong hand... seriously though, for something this good I doubt they don't make a left handed version.

This review was brought to you by this website's administrator, Alex Alvarez (aka TripleA).

July 7, 2005. Athens, Greece.
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