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Home > Articles & Reviews > KWC Colt 1911 Review
KWC Colt 1911 Review

This spring gun model is also known as the KWC Colt M1991A1 due to the trademark label printed on the replica.

I bought this springer in Athens before I found out that I could order these from other European shops without having any trouble at customs, so I highly overpaid for it... how much? 50 euros... yes, 50 euros for it. It was a long time ago and it was my introduction to airsoft, so I don't regret it so badly... but I do miss the extra 25 bucks. I say that because this gun's "real" price is about 25 euros at any online shop.

This springer is worth 25 euros, not 50. For the real price, it is a nice piece to purchase as it serves well for plinking and safe target practicing around the house without catching the neighbors' attention, and for show, it's a great looking replica. It feels certainly nice to have it in your holster and it comes in handy on those always fun "springers only" CQB encounters.

Box Contents
Everything you can expect... the gun, a brochure, warranty document (does anybody EVER send these in?), 10 shooting targets, a box of 100 .20gr BBs, and a hop-up chart in 2 languages that shows how the shot will vary depending on distance and weight of the BB. The box shows some kind of lubricant (I didn't understand, it was in French) but it's not included.

Box Contents

As impressive as any 25 euro springer could be. You have the Colt logo on the handle and the body reads COLT M1991A1 TM. Why 1991 and not 1911 as the box says? Nobody knows... Though there REALLY is a Colt 1991 series, I believe in this instance it was just a misprint by KWC and by the time they realized it, they had already built too many to correct it and just left it like that.

Trademarks - COLT M1991A1 TM

As I read on GunShopFinder, the Colt 1991 Series is a direct descendent of the original Colt 1911A1.

Available Models:
- O1991: Government 1991
- O1091: Government 1991 Stainless
- O4691: Commander
- O4091U: Commander Stainless

Whether or not this is true, I don't care. I'm reviewing the KWC toy BB gun, not the Colt 1991 .45 pistol.

ABS plastic all around, the magazine too. As seen on the main image at the top of this article, there's a metal piece that shows on the right side that gives the gun a very realistic look. If seen from a couple of meters, you could not tell the difference from the real steel. The only giveaway, is that it's "too nice" since real street models are usually scratched on the edges and have been roughed up by time (and their multiple owners). After owning it for about a year, the first time I took it out for a real match, I noticed I had broken off a piece of the rear sight. I must have hit the carrying bag against something without noticing. The safety is on the right side and you activate it by pushing it up with your thumb.

Weighing only about 200gr, it's pretty easy to carry around and aim with it. It has a hop-up, but you can't adjust it, at least the booklet didn't mention it. For accurate shots, use .20gr BBs. The magazine will hold up to thirteen (13) 6mm rounds, but I recommend you put only 12. The Colt 1911 is a gun for right handers, and you can drop the magazine by pressing a button with your thumb. As far as power, the box reads 0.5 joules... I read somewhere that 0.5 joules was about 200fps and comparing with my AEG, it seems about right.

Magazine Target

The target image above shows 10 shots (9 shown) from about 5 meters. I could shoot all those bullseyes with my AEG but with a pistol is very difficult so I was leaning it on the top of a counter to keep it steady. After a few dozen shots figuring out where to aim, I was able to hit the center consistently. As you can see, it shoots pretty well from that distance, but I had to aim a bit low (at the 9 ring) to be hit the center. That's because of the hop-up.

For the market price, this is indeed a very nice springer to have around. Great for shooting around the house without fear of breaking glass or penetrating furniture fabric, but enough to go through 1cm thick cardboard depending on distance. The Colt 1911 series is the best and the most popular gun in the market for almost a century and the looks of it are just fantastic. Looks great in your holster too, and comes in very handy for friendly CQB games. For 25 bucks, you can't possibly go wrong with it.

This review was brought to you by this website's administrator, Alex Alvarez (aka TripleA).

July 20, 2005. Athens, Greece.
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