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Home > Articles & Reviews > ABS Pistol Case by Airsplat
ABS Pistol Case Review

ABS Pistol Case (Manufactured by Airsplat)
This time I'll start with the conclusion... I love this pistol case and recommend it to all the readers.

General Comments
If you think there isn't much to review about pistol cases, well, you're probably right. But when you buy a pistol case that breaks after you open and close it 100 times, then you'll say to yourself, "darn, I wish I had bought another case". Then, instead of writing a review of your broken case to warn future buyers, you just toss it aside and buy another one that will last 100 openings more.

In case you still haven't owned your first pistol case and have no idea how a simple case can possibly be "bad", allow me to use the example of a plastic toolbox. Those ones that come with a standard screwdriver and a bunch of tips of different sizes... If you're someone that uses tools, you'll then remember that the "flippable" locks wear out easily and always break after a while. Pistol cases are very similar in that sense, and when pistols are inside, they're closed under pressure, which increases the chances for the locks to break sooner (like the case I bought for 10$ with my first springer... didn't last at all.

What makes this case good?
This particular case, though similar to most, has a nice locking mechanism which is what made me like it so much. It has 2 locks that SLIDE into position as oppossed to the other cheap quality locks that you have to flip open. The images below show the lock and the rear assembly which is responsible for opening and closing the case. Any case with this type of lock should serve its purpose well.

SLIDE-IN Locks Swivel
Contents of the packaging Foam padding installation

ABS... in other words, hard plastic. The inside comes with a pair of padded synthetic foams which hold the pistol in place, along with any mags or extra tools you may wish to keep inside. The foam is not glued, so you can remove it if you ever need to wash it. The total weight of the case is about 100 grams.

Just 9.95$ at Airsplat.

I'd be willing to pay up to 20$ for a decent case and this one is half that cost. A pistol costs around 200$ and the extra mag about 50$ more... If you are willing to pay that much for a gun, you might as well protect it inside a worthy case.

This review was brought to you by this website's administrator, Alex Alvarez (aka TripleA).

This item was a donation by

July 3, 2006. Athens, Greece.

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