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Home > Player Profiles > Squad Name: Fallout Rangers

The Fallout Rangers were the first tactical airsoft team in Greece. Originally formed in early 2004, the team's concept was based on post-apocalyptic survival (influenced by the legendary computer RPG Fallout series as well as related fiction) rather than a specific military/law enforcement model. However, in 2005 after the insertion of new members and recent growth of airsoft in Greece, the team evolved into a tactical squad.

The Rangers are relatively old compared to average airsoft standards. Most also practice martial arts (both Eastern and Western) and most have had military training as army service is mandatory in Greece. Still, they are fun-loving and always welcome good company. Their approach in training and gaming is indeed tactical as they consider Airsoft a true martial sport but also enjoy post-nuclear scenario twists like "Scavengers' hunt" or "Super Mutants!" (check our articles section for these).

The team utilizes specific uniform colours for different types of operations. Rangers wear tri-camo desert BDUs in urban terrain, OD green coveralls in the woodlands and black BDUs or coveralls for night-ops. The virus of accessorizing is evidently a disease that all team members share in common. Thus, kits include tac vests and body armour, all sorts of pouches and buttpacks, optical sights and lazers as well as excessive weapon customizations!

Angel Stonecross Journeyman
TripleA Federal BoBKiD
Spartan Cetti  
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