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M1911.ORG - Project Airsoft Forums
This friendly and infinitely helpful site is about real 1911 pistols. HOWEVER, the only reason it's listed on our list is because it also has forums related to AIRSOFT 1911 pistols, maintenance, and airsoft in general. Check them out, and learn some safety rules.

Greek Paintball Parks
Our friends at Greek Paintball Parks are kind enough to let us play in a great CQB field. Please, visit their website for other great paintball locations throughout Greece, including locations in some major islands.

Unconventional Airsoft
A very personal and indeed "unconventional" approach to Airsoft written up by someone most likely insane. Nice read, check it out.

US Federation of Airsoft Standards & Training (FAST)
FAST is a non-profit organization that helps United States Airsoft enthusiasts collectively influence the development and implementation of national policy and apply creative leadership to Airsoft related issues.

Guns In Movies
A cool site that attempts to identify the guns seen in many popular movies!

Plastic Shot Comics (Airsoft)

Interesting site with airsoft-based comics - very creative!



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