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  SWAT Shoot House  
SWAT Shoot House

We all have seen (at least once) how special forces police squads like SWAT from all over the world do their training... yes, that wooden house with paper targets posing as bad guys and civilians, that's what I'm talking about. And guess what, we can do exactly the same in a very accurate scenario but in Airsoft, just as the real cops do it.

Those of you who fancy this idea, read on…

For this elaborated scenario you will need:

  • A building structure (a house, a warehouse, an office space).
  • Paper targets (alternatively you could use cans, balloons, gijoes, barbies, report cards, speeding tickets, Grammy Awards, etc).
  • 1 to 5 players per team depending on the size of the building and game type.
  • A single replica of any kind per player with a magazine loaded with no more than 30rds.
  • A chronometer.

The main objective of this simulation is to complete the course with the highest score. Inside the house, a random number of "enemy" targets (yeah the paper ones with bad guys painted on them) will be located all over the house, some civilian targets will be located to give the "entry team" something else to think about before they pull the trigger, so team members must be alert what they shoot at. Some of you may say "they are not real, so their deaths will serve the higher purpose, to free our world of terrorists!"... Then I'm afraid you would be making a very unwise choice (not to mention highly unethical), considering that shooting down an enemy target will earn the team a few points depending on accuracy, BUT shooting a civilian will deduct a hefty amount of points from your score.

When the teams finish the course, the score will be assessed taking into account the number of targets shot down, the accuracy of the shots, the time spent completing the course, AND as a nice twist, the amount of firepower used to try to enforce SWAT's minimum use of lethal force rule (drilling the target in full auto will eventually 'deduct' points from your score).
Below is a design I made for a wooden dummy, using a human sized paper target. The base is made from wood boards which are cheap, durable, workable, and easy to find. I picked wood since you can glue a paper suspect onto it and even if you shoot it, the BBs will bounce off and the paper dude will retain it's form for a very long time. There are two holes in the dummy, one at the chest and the other one at the head. These allow for different point structures, and you can then just tape paper targets to the back of the dummy covering the holes. This way, your mean looking suspect will pose for ages as the only destructible area of the dummy will be the photocopies of the targets covering the holes, which are what you use for grading.
Target Dummy Assembly


Specializes in building shoot houses and making and selling target dummies.
You can also purchase human sized paper targets like the one I used for the example for as little as 35 cents.

Although you're free to issue all points as you see fit, if you use human paper targets with 2 target areas, my recommendation for points and target size is the following:

Suggested Point System

Head shot for dangerous suspect:
Zone A (50)
Zone B (40)
Zone C (30)

Torso shot for dangerous suspect:
Zone A (20)
Zone B (15)

Head shot for armed suspect:
Zone A (5)
Zone B (10)
Zone C (15)

Torso shot for armed suspect:
Zone A (30)
Zone B (20)
Zone C (10)

Civilian: Head (-100), Chest (-50)

* Multiple shot penalty for civilian casualties:
  (lowest scored shot x number of shots)

- Multiple shot penalty for suspects:
  ((highest scored shot x number of shots) / (-5))

This means that hitting a target more than once will DEDUCT points from your total instead of adding. Assuming you nailed 1 head shot and 2 chest shot on the same attacking suspect, it would look like this: (50x3)/(-5)= -30 (deduct 30 points)…. 50 points were used as the base of the formula, as it was the highest scored shot (the head). We used -5 as the standard penalty assessor as we will assume that no suspect should ever be hit more than 5 times.

Main Benefits of this Game Type:

  • Mixes a competitive environment with a realistic training method.
  • The course can be run by 1 or several members of each team.
  • It sharpens your CQB skills.
  • Actions are fast and tactical.
  • Encourages proper aiming and target recognition.
  • In teams, improves your ability to plan ahead and communicate during action.
  • It's fun and challenging!


  • Requires 10 to 15 minutes to set up each exercise.
  • Targets are static and don't shoot back.
  • For a far better experience, target construction is recommended.


This article was brought to you by Falcon in collaboration with TripleA (wooden dummy construction and points system).
Images from www.actiontarget.com
July 18, 2005. Athens, Greece


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