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  Post Apocaliptic Scenarios  
Post Apocaliptic Scenario Types by Angelo

Below are some of the favourite post-apocalyptic scenarios that we like to enact:

Scavengers' Hunt - Free for all, everyone for himself, everyone against everyone else. Call it what you will, the truth remains that every living creature dies alone, especially in the hostile radioactive desert where one's fall is another's survival. The catch is that ammo is limited and additional rounds can only be acquired from a fallen foe.

PopCorn - Same as above but only handguns allowed (title tribute to "Grosse Pointe Blank" movie).

Super Mutants! - Two teams, "normies" and Super Mutants. The mutants are slightly outnumbered but possesing the F.E.V. virus can instantly mutate a fallen "normie" (by touch) into one of their own.

Doomsday Revisited - A religious apocalyptic sect has discovered a nuclear warhead. The crazed zealots threaten to "cleanse" whatever life has remained and have armed the timer! The desert rangers have to locate and de-activate the bomb while the sect defends the area. Your typical CTU - Counter Strike mission with a twist on the setting.

Armed Deathclaws - One or two of these mutated beasts are enough to spread terror to the Wasteland. The Deathclaws are armed(!) and immune to all shots except to those that hit them in the head.

A Ghoul's Treasure - Word is that a glowing ghoul has hidden his hoard somewhere in the wastes (usually a small amount of bbs or other similar rewards enough to fight for). The first team to locate the treasure claims the spoils of war. Only survivors get to share the stash.


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July 12, 2005. Athens, Greece.


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