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  How to sand metal slides on GBB pistols  

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I've been asked this a bunch of times now, and so I've taken the time to write a short step-by-steo guide (my way, at least) to sanding down a metal GBB slide.

This isn't the be-all-and-end-all of guides, so you may well need to improvise somewhat, but it should be a good guide.

Go into a hardware store, and pick up a wet-sanding sandpaper sponge with a *fairly* fine grit - nothing too extreme, but it should be able to remove a fair amount of paint.
Go into a hobby store and pick up varying grades of 'wet & dry' sandpaper. Mine ran from 600, to 800, then up to 1200, then finally to 1400 and 1600 for final finishing. I also recommend a hobby file set.
Lay out a bunch of old newspapers or whatever in your work area, as you WILL make a mess here...
Remove the slide from the frame, then the barrel and recoil assemblies (very simple, just slide them out). Now undo the screw in the blowback mech in the rear of the slide, and lift the mech out. Now slide the rear sights out sideways. The front site, I personally never removed, but I believe it's held in with a glue of some sort. You'll need to break that, then pinch together the two 'lobes' on the bottom, and it should come out.
Get a bowl of water, and using your wet-sanding sponge and said water, begin to sand the slide down (it's as simple as that). When no more paint really comes off, go to the next highest grade of 'wet & dry' (dip it gently in the water, and then sand with it), and keep going up. You may have to use your file to 'sand' some points here, such as around the ejection port. A lot of little paint particles will collect in the water on the slide, go gently wipe it off with something like kitchen roll from time to time.
Keep working down to the highest grade sandpaper you've got, when you may wish to stop wet-sanding, and only dry-sand. Personally, however, I just wet-sanded all the way through.
Wipe off all particles and water remaining, and try to clean out the inside rails of the slide as best you can. Now leave it somewhere warm and dry for an hour or so to dry out.
Give it a good spray and wipe down with 100% silicone spray to prevent damage, oxidising, and fingerprints. Re-install the blowback mech, then the barrel assembly, and finally the recoil spring assembly. I recommend you spray a load of silicone oil into the slide at this point, too, although performance will drop off for a few hundred rounds afterwards.
Put the slide back on your gun, get yourself some good green gas, and fire her up!


So there you have it!

All being well, you should now a lovely silver slide on your gun, which,
while not (probably) at a perfect shine, should look much more exciting (and pimpy...) than any normal black slide!



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August 11, 2005. N. Wales, UK.


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