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  Batteries 102 - "More About Batteries" by Dale Symons  
Batteries 101

Airsoft guns use two types of batteries Nicad (nickel cadmium) and Nimh (nickel metal hydride). Nicad batteries are the most common at the moment however Nimh batteries offer higher capacity for their size up to about 3700 mah resulting in less batteries to carry.

Nicads have a few disadvantages, they must be discharged fully after use to prevent a memory forming, and they are being phased out because of the toxicity of the cadmium. You can purchase a purpose built discharger that plugs directly onto the battery or make one using a car headlamp bulb (same theory, it just provides a load to use up the batteries power).

A good example is the very economic option available at Pyramid Airsoft labeled "Lightbulb Discharger for Nicad and NiMH batteries" shown below:

Price: $5.50 (approx.)
Model Number: OB124A

FEATURES: 2 bulbs @ 4 Amps / 16ga Silicone wire / Male Tamiya Connector

  • Discharger is critical for any AEG battery.

  • Always discharge your Nicad battery fully before recharging. This ensures that the battery is able to achieve a full charge.

  • Discharge your NiMH packs if you are planning to store for long periods of time.

  • Discharging your batteries will preserve life, voltage and runtime.

If a nicad battery develops a memory problem(ie:registering fully charged when only partially charged)you can wrap the battery in a plastic bag and place in the bottom of a freezer for 48 hours, then remove, allow an hour to thaw and then charge as normal. This sometimes removes the memory effect.

The formula for working out charging times are as follows:
NiCad....Battery capacity x 1.4 / Charger Output
NIMH....Battery capacity x 1.5 / Charger Output

As an example, where the battery capacity is in Mah ie: 600mah and the charger output which should be marked on the label of the charger is in Mah
so 600x1.4/50=16.8 hours charging time.


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Author: Dale Symons
November 29, 2005. United Kingdom


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