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  3-Point Sling Installation - MP5SD55  
3 Point Sling Installation

No matter what kind of player you are, or what your specialty is, if you have an AEG you will need a 3-Point Sling. But how do you install those darned things?... Well, installing it is the easy part... but knowing "which way" is the tough part... For this article, I used a tactical 3 point sling I purchased at Campobase and a Tokyo Marui MP5SD5, but the information here can suit most slings with most AEGs, so read on.

As shown in the image, you will need the following:

  • An MP5 series AEG
  • A 3-Point Sling
  • A flat screwdriver
  • HellasAirsoft.com ;-)
First of all, you will need to unscrew
the rear sling attachment
unscrew the sling attachment Then you need to place the buttonned part of the sling under the pin, but make sure you first slide the metal attachment piece through the sling (it's pretty obvious, you'll know what I mean when you do it). place the button part under the pin Then just screw it all back in. screw it all back together

That was the easy part... thanks to this article, you won't have to go through the hard part since I'll tell you "which part goes where" so you won't wear it backwards.

This image shows which part of the sling goes in front of the gun. Notice that you have hooks on both ends, each hooked on a sling attachment piece of the replica. locked

The front part is the part with a hook AND a plastic lock. It will allow you to attach or detach the middle ends of the sling for different applications in combat or patrol duties.

Place the hook on the round metal sling attachment located by the aiming sight.



3-Point Sling Installed

This piece right here was a leftover I had... it's probably necessary to install the sling in other types of replicas.

But in the MP5 used for this review it was not needed in any way.

And the image on the left shows how it should look after you install it...


This article was brought to you by TripleA.
July 20, 2005. Athens, Greece.


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