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  3-Point Sling Installation - M4A1  
3 Point Sling Installation - M4A1

If you've read my article about 3-point sling installation on the MP5, then you're fairly familiar with this.

For this article, I used a tactical 3 point sling I purchased at Campobase and an ICS M4A1 with Retractable Stock. You will need no tools to perform this installation. Just your AEG and the sling.


Make sure you lay out the sling and the gun EXACTLY as I have it shown on the main image above. This way, you are sure to have a smooth installation. As opposed to the MP5 where you have to unscrew the sling attachment on the replica, here, you won't need to do anything like that. Just line up in the right orientation, hook up, and voilà.

Notice that the clip part of the sling goes on the front sling attachment and the stock uses a separate attachment piece that you wrap around it (that's the extra piece for which I had no use on the MP5).

3-Point Sling Installed

This image shows how everything has to look like after installation. Hook with clip at the front, sling wrapped around the stock. The bottom rear sling attachment is for generic slings.

If you have one of these slings, but have no idea how to use it,
Google "3-point sling applications"

At least you now know how to install it!


This article was brought to you by TripleA.
August 29, 2005. Athens, Greece.


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